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   Hoberman’s Advanced Data Modeling Challenge

Do you already know data modeling and want more?

Take the Advanced Data Modeling Challenges Workshop! This two-day course sharpens your data modeling skills by having you tackle over 20 data modeling exercises. The exercises are based on actual assignments, each containing essential data modeling tips and techniques.

This is an interactive workshop is for those who already know data modeling fundamentals and who are seeking more advanced techniques.

In this Masterclass, you will first apply a best practices approach to building and validating data models through the Data Model Scorecard™, a tool for verifying data model quality.  You will then focus on a collection of intermediate and advanced modeling techniques, including advanced normalization and enterprise data modeling. The final section contains guidelines used to gain consistency across data models in areas such as in abstraction and whether to star schema or snowflake.

Challenge takeaways:
  • How to apply the Data Model Scorecard™
  • Advanced normalization rules and limitations of the logical data model
  • A value-driven approach to building the enterprise data model
  • Techniques for converting the logical into a physical design
  • Factors to consider in deciding whether to Star Schema or Snowflake
  • Three key questions to ask yourself before you abstract
  • When to use a surrogate key

A full description of the course is available here.

Who Should Attend?

This course is for anyone who currently knows data modeling basics, or has previously attended the Data Modeling Master Class, and is seeking more advanced techniques.

Roles include:

  • Data Modeler
  • Technical Project Manager
  • Team Lead
  • Architect
  • Developer
  • Support Analyst
  • Data Administrator
  • Data Analyst
  • Integration Specialist



Steve Hoberman

Steve Hoberman has trained more than 10,000 people in data modeling since 1992. Steve has written many books on data modeling including the bestseller Data Modeling Made Simple. One of Steve’s frequent data modeling consulting assignments is to review data models using his Data Model Scorecard technique. He is the founder of the Design Challenges group, Conference Chair of the Data Modeling Zone conference, frequent blogger, recipient of the 2012 Data Administration Management Association (DAMA) International Professional Achievement Award, and highest rated tutorial presenter at Enterprise Data World 2014 and 2015.