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Your Data Strategy is the answer why organisations are repeatedly frustrated when attempting to do more with their data.  And often, not even certain what this means or how to do it. They repeatedly spend too much, take too long, and deliver far less than planned as they look to data to resolve strategic issues or create innovative services.  The book covers the inherent architectural and engineering origin of data – the foundations that are almost totally lacking in formal education and training  In this book, Peter is clear on what needs you need to do change the tide.

Peter Aiken

Peter Aiken is widely acknowledged as a leading data management (DM) authority. He is a practising data consultant, author, and researcher, and he has been delivering high-performance solutions in DM for more than 30 years. His expertise is sought by some of the world’s highest profile organisations, and his achievements recognised internationally.

His leadership positions and consulting spans more than 75 organisations and 27 countries in various industries, such as defence, banking, healthcare, telecommunications, and manufacturing. He has authored 10 books – the latest is Your Data Strategy – and has contributed to many other publications. He also hosts a webinar dedicated to data management at

Peter is Founding Director of Data Blueprint, a consulting firm that leverages data for competitive advantage and operational efficiencies.  He is Associate Professor of Information Systems at Virginia Commonwealth University, past President of DAMA International and Associate Director of the MIT International Society of Chief Data Officers

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