• Built the Infosys’ business analytics practice from seven to 18
  • Earned two patents for adherence prediction models at AstraZeneca
  • Built morbidity risk model for physician calculator at AstraZeneca
  • Reviewed and rebuilt Fannie Mae’s Loss Forecast Model during Sarbanes-Oxley restatement
  • Built fraud detection model for accounting while at PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Built Wells Fargo’s first in-house origination and collection strategies for subprime auto
  • At Sears, first business-incentives experiments; built re-age and renew models
  • At Citigroup/The Associates, first change-in-balance predictive model

Randy Bartlett

Randy Bartlett, Ph.D. has years of experience leading Business Analytics and IT professionals in a commercial environment. He’s experienced in consulting, leading teams, working with clients to meet expectations; handling delivery problems and developing new business.

Randy Bartlett, Ph.D. is a leading authority on Business Analytics. He over 20 years of experience in delivering BA, several years of leading analytics teams and years of training, including a Ph.D. and M.S. from Texas A&M University and B.S. Computer Science & Statistics, Iowa State University.

His first-hand experience has been acquired across varied industries, including Applied Research Associates , the Agency for Healthcare Quality and Research, AstraZeneca, Bell South, BMS, Fannie Mae, Infosys, Inspire/Merck, JDA Software, National Highway Administration, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Shire Pharmaceuticals, The Associates/Citigroup, UnitedHealthcare, Wells Fargo, among others.

He has developed some novel statistical solutions and holds two patents for predictive modelling. A Practitioner’s Guide To Business Analytics the foremost reference on how to compete on business analytics in this era of Big Data. The workshops in Australia are his next step in sharing has passion in Business Analytics, Data Science and Big Data.


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