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Data Modeling Zone Asia Pacific

Data Modeling Zone (DMZ) is an annual conference in the US, Europe and Asia Pacific that is designed to sharpen your information strategy and data modelling skills. DMZ is the only international event that explores best practices data modelling and strategy that exposes the practices of experienced data practices proven to lift performance.

Understanding data is at the centre of successful digital transformation, especially is your aspiration is to become analytics-led, or data-centric organisation. Data models and a range of tools can help master your data and change the way data can drive your business strategy.

Data models communicate data requirements from business, and within IT between analysts, modellers, architects, database designers and developers. Insight from data models unlock customer information that is essential for digital services and leads to greater potential for AI, machine learning and managing fundamental change.

Data modelling, data quality and clear strategy are critical to effective data management as they:

  • Create a common vocabulary for data
  • Capture explicit knowledge about an organisation’s data, interactions and systems
  • Serve as a primary communication tool for change projects
  • Provide a blueprint to create, customise, integrate or replace software.
  • Digital disruption has increased the use of artificial intelligence, and as a result the data skills in demand are more strategic and analytical.

These skills include the ability to:

  • Manage information complexity, dealing with broadening uses, sources, and types of data
  • Work with technology change and rapid obsolescence
  • Adapt new data structures like Graph, NoSQL, and document data
  • Gather more complex requirements and understand fact-based modelling techniques and how they work well with schema-less data
  • Build and maintain enterprise models that illustrate the future information architectures of an organisation and support change

Join us at DMZ Asia Pacific. It a place to next work with your peers or learn from experts in the field who share their knowledge openly.

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