Data Modeling Zone Australia

  1. Learn from leading experts in the fields of data science, NoSQL, facilitation, and enterprise architecture.
  2. Practice NoSQL modeling and take hands-on courses in building document, graph, and triple-store databases.
  3. Fine-tune your requirements and communications skills by completing sessions on facilitation, storytelling, flow-based leadership, and negotiation.
  4. Take any CDMP certification exam including the data modeling certification.
  5. Bring new data modeling techniques back to your organisation by participating in the pre-conference workshops with Steve Hoberman.
  6. Benefit from international and local case studies.
  7. Strengthen the symbiotic relationship within your organization through architecture and enterprise modeling sessions.
  8. Explore how data modeling enables data strategy and data governance.
  9. Convenient! The conference organiser is offering complete travel arrangements to preferred hotels close the conferences venue and also a great social program. All you need to do is enjoy the event! You’ll be 15 minutes from the airport and a just a 5 minute walk from the city or famous Lake Burley Griffin.
  10. Value! We have discounted accommodation and flight packages early bird registrations and have asked our travel partners to arrange site seeing for you before or after the conference.


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