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Putting Data First: Why Johnny can’t data and what we need to do about it

Organizations are repeatedly frustrated when attempting to do more with their data. Not even really certain what this means or how to do it, they still repeatedly spend too much, take too long, and deliver far less than planned as they try to employ data in support of their strategic objectives.

This 2-day workshop begins by describing the root causes of why Johnny and organizations in general can’t better leverage data – focusing on its inherent architectural and engineering roots – foundations that are almost totally lacking in formal university programs and training curricula.

Three subsequent half day sessions then focus on requisite leadership criteria for success; how to express these needs in a form that management will understand – a focus on the ‘why’ – a data strategy; and monetizing data management in order to make it relevant to management.

After two days, delegates will be able to better prepare their organizations to better employ data to support their objectives.

Day 1 (morning)

As-is/Cause for concern:

  • Disclaimer/Bad data decisions spiral
  • Data Management practices hierarchy structure
  • Cost of the lack of architecture/engineering capabilities
  • Self-assessment/Root cause analysis

Day 1 Afternoon

Leadership/Necessary (but insufficient) prerequisites:

  • Dedicated solely to data asset leveraging
  • Unconstrained by an IT project mindset
  • Reporting directly to the business
  • Implementation of data-centric thinking

Day 2 Morning

Data Strategy/A focus on the ‘why’:

  • Data management practices hierarchy and foundational elements
  • A data strategy is necessary for effective data governance
  • Effective data strategy prerequisites
  • Data strategy development phase II–iterations

Day 2 Sfternnon

Valuing Data and Data Activities/Numerous examples:

  • Big data technologies demystified
  • Leveraging data management
  • Monetary cases
  • Non-monetary cases

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